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I sold many text or banner based advertisement on my websites. i’ve got an e-mail 20 days ago from myra@linkstar.co.uk Who is work for Linkstar company. She said

We currently have a client in the Automobile industry for whom we are looking to acquire advertising from quality websites.

We’ve had a look at your site and think that it would be a good match for our client, whose target demographic is similar to your own.

We would be interested in purchasing advertising in the form of a text-based link on your site. To reduce unnecessary admin and hassle, we prefer to pay a fixed annual upfront fee for such advertisements. Once the ad has been placed, payment can be made quickly by PayPal or Moneybookers.

First i suppose they are kidding!

I said yes i can sell you for 3 months for 40$. But She offer me 150$ to put their text based advertisement on my web page for 1 year. That was a good deal because i don’t like to sell advertisement for short time. I agree with her and put their text advertisement to my website (only one page) and noticed her. After 1 day Linkstar sent me 150$ by paypal! Anyway i heard many things about that company before on some websites. But i just want to say Linkstar is reliable company.

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  1. I received an email from someone at linkstar.co.uk looking to setup a similar deal, at least now I have some confidence. I’ll post back with the result of how it went 🙂

  2. ya i got their mail asking to advertise in my web site but at first i didnt beleave but later i put there advertise.
    and i wait 3 days they send me payment in paypal

    i m happy with this company and i want to regular again again if possible

  3. I too was contacted by linkstar.co.uk and asked about advertising on one of my sites. At first I was like “yeah right” but figured OK what do I have to lose so I played along. After a few emails I was told they typically pay $140 for a annual text link. After I agreed, I was told he would seek approval and get back to me. A few days later I received a message that the amount was approved and I was given instructions on which word on a specific page they wanted hyperlinked to a related url. I setup the hyper link as instructed and sent a message asking them to take a look and see if it was good. I received a message back that all was good and that I should expect payment via Paypal in coming days (I had provided my PayPal email address in an earlier message). At this point I figured OK, if I dont get paid, I just remove the link and I am not out anything, again, nothing to lose. I awoke this morning to find a $140 payment had indeed been sent via Paypal. I am still in awe! No doubt linkstar.co.uk is quite legit! If contacted by them, I would highly recommend dealing with them as they are the “real deal”.

  4. I was contacted by Linkstar earlier today. I do find it suspicious that an online advertising agency wants to put ads on my site, considering that my site is not a high page ranking one.

    I did research on Linkstar and I don’t know what to believe with all the good and bad reviews I’ve read. I do not know if I would even want to deal with Linkstar, considering that Linkstar hasn’t been in business that long.

    There are too many scams that are being pulled with text link advertising and Google is known to ax sites from their engine without warning or an explanation as to why.

    I might have considered Linkstar had I found more positive reviews and experiences from others.

  5. I’m beginning to think that this linkstar is trying to blow their own horn. I’ve never seen so many ‘complete strangers’ post almost verbatim text on different sites. Also, most people will put a link to their newly monetized website, and none of these proud website owners are even mentioning a domain. First, why do they keep pushing PayPal? Someone can steal money from accounts linked to PayPal, it’s happened before. $140 per link per year with what text to what site? Google, Yahoo, etc. will ‘punish’ you for certain text/links, so if you are making money from Google ads or enjoy great search rankings that could all disappear for $140/year.

    Something stinks about Linkstar.

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