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Text link advertisement | Linkstar is reliable company

I sold many text or banner based advertisement on my websites. i’ve got an e-mail 20 days ago from Who is work for Linkstar company. She said

We currently have a client in the Automobile industry for whom we are looking to acquire advertising from quality websites.

We’ve had a look at your site and think that it would be a good match for our client, whose target demographic is similar to your own.

We would be interested in purchasing advertising in the form of a text-based link on your site. To reduce unnecessary admin and hassle, we prefer to pay a fixed annual upfront fee for such advertisements. Once the ad has been placed, payment can be made quickly by PayPal or Moneybookers.

First i suppose they are kidding!

I said yes i can sell you for 3 months for 40$. But She offer me 150$ to put their text based advertisement on my web page for 1 year. That was a good deal because i don’t like to sell advertisement for short time. I agree with her and put their text advertisement to my website (only one page) and noticed her. After 1 day Linkstar sent me 150$ by paypal! Anyway i heard many things about that company before on some websites. But i just want to say Linkstar is reliable company.

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